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The classical questions, where and when ?

In Timișoara, at Aula Magna, Universitatea de Vest, for 6 days between 20 and 25 of march. Obviously, this year. 🙂

Why am I writing about it ?

I could say everything in one sentence, quoting from the press release:

6 days, 11 movies, 10 languages

But, then, where is the pleasure of storytelling ?
So, let’s “narrate” in more detailed manner about CineCULTURA.

Yesterday morning, at BiblioTech Cafe, I’ve met Christiane Ruhrmann. She was telling me, since we spoke on the phone, that her schedule is quite busy but we can met up before her classes.

Who is Christiane ? As you can easily notice, she is not Romanian. Yes, yes, you had a good guess, she is German.  She first, came to Romania, in the summer of 2015 and in September last year she came back as a university assistant. She is teaching German language to the Romanian students.

My first surprise, when we first seen each other, was that she insisted, since the beginning, to use Romanian language. It’s not such a big deal, you might say. Would you ? The best part of is that, if you make the math, since September until now, you will count only 7 months, and our German teacher speaks a very clean and smooth Romanian language. Chapeau !

She smiles a lot and talks, I might say, with a French accent. She highlights that, people told her that she even looks like a french  woman, even though so knows not one word in Napoleon’s language. I’m curios to understand why is she here and if, after she will be over with UPT’s and UVT’s projects, is planning any comebacks ?

Arriving for the first time in our country, in the Summer of 2015, with a revealing smile si utter that she liked the landscapes, the people and the language:

“ Ești așa de frumos că nu se poate spune în cuvinte  ! asta am spus pentru prima dată în română”

[You are so beautiful that there are no word to say it !, this is what I said for the first time in romanian]

If I will get the chance to stay, after my project is done, I will do it for sure, she concludes.

She seems to me at least, a very interesting person, so we approach the topic of our meeting, but look like a difficult task to do, since I would like to know more about her.

CineCULTURA is reaching the 8th edition this year. There will be a number  of 11 movies from 11 countries being used 10 foreign languages.

This is what I call interculturality !

Every country has a lecturer involved, the movies being selected by each representative, for his/her country.

This year, Christiane is telling us, we’ll have representatives from Romania, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Austria and Serbia. Besides those listed above, Bulgaria, Russia and Peru are participating in the festival as guests.

For example, she said, the Bulgarian Embassy has chosen and provided the movie which will run at CineCULTURA.

In the “making-of” process  of the festival, embassies of all the invited countries are involved, at least indirectly. Most of the countries will have a representative going to the Festival.

Chris handles and manages the volunteers that are making the festival to come true. She explains that this year they made a recruiting using facebook and that things are going well. There are a total of 46 volunteers registered right now.

I am trying to find out what motivates her to be involved as a volunteer in such a project.

Our german girl smiles while is telling me about her 15 colleagues that are organizing the event. Every one of them knows at least 2 foreign languages but it is impossible to find a common one for all of them. That makes the challenge of organizing CineCULTURA to be both interesting and funny:

I like the idea of multiculturality, I love doing things together and on top of that it is a lot of fun to work in this context

We discuss a bit about the expectations that they have, as organizers. The first film screening will be on 20 of march at 19:00, local hour. The opening movie is “Cel Ales” (The chosen one), a Romanian movie subtitled in English. For the first day, the team behind the festival is awaiting a number of minimum 300 participants. The number will vary from day to day, depending on the movie. You can find a list of the movies here.

A very important info that must be underlined: there is no entrance fee. This being possible also, thanks to the volunteers.

Speaking of volunteers, for those of you who are in Timisoara and you have marked in your agenda „CineCULTURA”  on 20 to 25 of March, see you there.

I will be back with a story regarding how was the experience of helping a Film Festival to come true.

Until then, if your time permits and you would like to be a part of the “globalisation”, you can find more information on their website:


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